I missed the first episode of the series “The Bible” last Sunday so I watched some of it last night. It was interesting but not “The Bible”. First of all I give you this one word –Hollywood. Funny I just misspelled Hollywood and wrote Holywood. There is nothing Holy about it. This is not really a critique of the show but more of a warning that subtle changes can have damaging results to your life and lead you off track. First of all the show should be called “Sort of the bible”. The dangerous part here is that many people will watch and not check scripture and this will now be their understanding of the bible. I saw this movie and… The same goes with preaching. Many preachers preach with subtle changes to the text to make a point. People hear it and then accept it. I heard this sermon and… If you live your life based on “sort of the bible” you will be in trouble. A subtle change on a compass will take you off course. Even the slightest change will give you a new destination. Sort of the way, sort of the truth and sort of the life is not a good plan of action. There is no such thing as sort of heaven and as we have been talking about at the Rock, there is no such thing as sort of a Christian. You either are or you are not. The radical Christian listens very carefully to the word of God and does not veer to the right or left even for dramatic license. This is used “to denote the distortion of fact, alteration of the conventions of grammar or language, or rewording of pre-existing text made by an artist to improve a piece of art.” In this case it does not improve anything. My only critique is that this show is “cheesy”. This movie actually takes away from the power of the word of God. We live in a culture where everything has to be visual. Take a moment and read the Exodus 13, 14 then watch the show. Let the Holy Spirit give you a picture of the truth and then apply it to your real-time life. The old saying that a movie is never as good as the book applies here. Remember the bible is no ordinary book. It is the living word of God.