In keeping with yesterday’s theme, I could not help but think what a great time period it is to live in but yet a time period with huge responsibility. As I wrote about the legalism of the past, there was so much pressure to conform. Even though Romans tells us to no longer conform to the patterns of this world, the church still does this. My father reminded me of a church leader who stressed the importance of dressing for success. Ah yes the power suit. White shirt, red tie, yet there was no power. Again external appearance gets us nowhere with God. There was so much pressure to conform to a pattern. The pattern of choice in the previous generations was dress code and other external matters, now in our generation this is not really an issue except for some carry over. Now it is trying to be missional to society by becoming like them. The church chooses Fortune 500 models to clone and Christians have chosen to stick with the old and not move on to the new. Now we are seeing a huge effort not to offend anyone. Oddly this pattern is nowhere to be found in scripture. If you teach the true gospel of Jesus Christ you will offend someone, especially the Pharisees among us. Not only will we offend those among us like the Pharisee, we will offend other religious groups as we teach Jesus as the only way, the only truth and the life. The radical Christian is worried more about offending God than anyone else. We have no excuse. Our generation has so much information at our fingertips it is mind-boggling. I find myself having to step away from it. Yes we want a nice website, and stay connected with twitter, but in reality if you followed every tweet and its link to something you would soon be overwhelmed. In this high-tech society we live in, we are still accountable to read the word of God and live it. Sadly with all this information, connectionalism and networking we have available, the church is still fading away into irrelevance. The more relevant we try to be with the world the more irrelevant we will be as this is just not God’s plan for us. So with all this technology we have, let’s make sure we use it to build God’s kingdom not ours. What will our generation be known for? My prayer is that we will be remembered as a remnant of people who pursued the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind and were part of a world-wide revival.