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Rock Report by Pastor Paul

This is a blog that comes from my personal devotions each day. It will also include sermons as I have to delete them from the audio section of the website. This blog will also keep you up to date with what is happening at the Rock in Strathroy Ontario 

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  • We live in a society of do-it-yourselfers. Unfortunately this thinking has permeated the church. As we take this journey we need to step back from ourselves and take a radical stand upon the word of God and admit we cannot do it ourselves. We then need to wait on God to show us what to do and then do it fearlessly. Not only do we want to do it ourselves, but most people hate waiting. A radical Christian standing upon the word of God is a foreign concept to many Christians. I say this because most do not believe everything the word has for us. (Most will not admit this) The other reason is the requirement of dying to our selves. We are very narcissistic by nature and most have not died to self enough to realize it, as most of our religion is about us and not God. Radical Christianity means stopping what we are doing and start doing what God has already asked us to do. This is not rocket science. That is a strange saying come to think of it because for a rocket scientist, rocket science is not complicated and neither is radical Christianity for the radical believer. Following the word of God is just what they do. It only appears radical because to luke warm Christians it is way beyond how they are living. They will usually try to bring the radical down. By the way there is no such thing as a lukewarm Christian so in essence it is not a Christian bringing down another believer but a non believer trying to stop a true believer so the tepid person can feel better about themselves. It is easier for them to get the radical person to change than to change themselves or so they think. So on day 1, take a radical stand on the word of God.