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Mobile App

Go to the App Store on your phone and look for the Radiant Webtools App                   

If you want the full content of our site, it has been designed by Radiant Webtools to work on your mobile devices.
This App works well if you are simply using it to read sermons on the blog.

Accessing Your Mobile App:

From either the Google Play or Apple Store, download the Radiant Webtools App.

Open the Radiant App on your device

 When doing this for the first time, the screen will say Find Your Ministry (The Rock)

 Input the name of your church and hit Enter

 From the list that shows, choose the name of your church

 The next screen will show a message saying ‘Yes, this is my ministry’. Press the green Confirm button next it.

 Your app is now ready to be accessed by your audience.


Will my audience always need to go through this process to get to my App?

No. After doing the set-up process once, the next time they click the Radiant App button, it will take them directly to your church’s App.

Will the App always have Radiant as the name? Yes it will.

Radiant Webtools